Green Generation

This is Green Generation, the elements that nature itself has proven to be optimal for cleaning the waters in a natural and constant way, the most outstanding elements will be selected with respect.



The water from the Atoyac River in Mexico has had an impact on the sanitary and health implications to which people are exposed every day.

By adapting the physical conditions of the river to our needs, a base can be generated for each of the 5 pieces to be placed across the width of the river, which will have a length of 5 meters, since most of it has this width. Letting the river continue its course and at the same time retaining those polluting elements that we seek to eliminate.

It is necessary to mention that each of the selected elements can be replaced easily and does not generate a high cost for when it is necessary to replace them. The selected items are as follows:

-“tezontle” which is a fairly porous type of gravel, which will help to retain large particles
-“silica sand” known in mexico for its grain size and the level of purification it can reach.

“activated carbon” that will serve to eliminate the chemicals found in the water due to its extraordinary properties
-“plants” of different types that will provide life to the river and will reinforce the purification efforts employed.




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  • Nombre del proyecto:Green Generation
  • Alumno(s): Luis Eduardo Gutiérrez Ortiz
  • Semestre:7º Semestre
  • Técnica/Material Diseño conceptual
  • Nombre de la clase:Diseño de productos y sistemas I
  • Nombre profesor:Ayca Kinik

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