SEI, is a new experience of buying bras.

How many of you, have ever feel back pain? Awful, right? Well, if you are a woman, this might be because you used a wrong size of bra. More than 60% of the women wear the wrong size of bra. So, why women use a wrong size? The answer is simple, we just don’t know how to choose our bra because we don’t even know what we need.

For this problem I developed SEI, which is a new experience of buying bras. First, you download the app, it will ask you to fill out a profile about basic information. Then you will have a tool which shows you breast classifications and its recommendations of bras. Then you can measure your breasts, with the camera of your phone, like a tape measure, follow instructions and the app will tell you your real bra size. By gathering all this information, SEI will recommend you the types of bra you need. And here comes the fun part, since you have already scanned your breasts, and SEI have the exact measure of each one, you can 3D print in fabric your cups and add it to the base structure of the bra, this way you can create your own bra as you wish, but most importantly as you need. At the end you will just wait for your purchase at home.



  • Nombre del proyecto:SEI
  • Alumno(s): Melissa Medina
  • Semestre:9
  • Técnica/Material Illustrator
  • Nombre de la clase:Proyecto de Inserción Profesional
  • Nombre profesor:José Antonio Sáenz de Miera, José Javier Solar

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